Annual Service Contract (Wired Systems)

Why Do I Need An Annual Service Contract Anyway?

The worst thing about burglar alarms is that they sometimes ‘go off’ for no apparent reason.

False alarms can be a nuisance not only for your neighbours but for you because, if the problem is left untreated, it can render your alarm system useless. You will either stop switching it on because you don’t want to annoy the neighbours or, worse still, you keep switching it on and your relationships with your neighbours suffer.

There is a good technical reason why you should invest in an annual service contract too. Your alarm probably has two back up battery systems, both of which need to be working. One battery is in your control panel and keeps the whole system working during any power outage. The other battery is outside in your bell box. The sole purpose of this battery is to keep your alarm sounding if an intruder vandalises your system.

Sometimes you hear alarm systems going off during a power cut. This is because the internal battery has failed but the external battery is still working. It is actually a fault.

The Solution 

For just £45 per year plus VAT, your system is checked annually by me and covered for unlimited call outs. Compare me with the competition and I am confident that you will find I am the cheapest and fairest burglar and intruder alarm engineer in the North.

Rotec Alarm Services – Annual Service Package (Wired Systems)
Fitting & Maintaining Intruder Alarms In Manchester and Cheshire for 25 years
Annual Service Once a year, I visit your premises to:

– check the correct operation of each
individual sensor
– check the correct operation of both battery
– make any adjustments to programming that
you might require

* Note: a separate charge is payable by you for battery replacements. The main battery in your control panel should last for many years because it is recharged via your power supply. It will fail eventually, however, and need to be replaced.

For 2016, I charge £18 plus VAT to supply and fit your replacement battery.

Emergency Call-Outs I come to your premises as and when your intruder alarm system false alarms and stop it from happening again.
Parts Guarantee
(Sensors & Contacts)
I will replace all faulty sensors and door contacts free of charge for 6 years from the date of installation provided I have installed the intruder alarm system for you and that you have taken out an annual service contract with me each year since its installation.

My personal guarantee is well in excess of the 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that my guarantee only covers normal wear and tear. It does not include cases of deliberate vandalism or tampering or accidental damage whether caused by you or by a third party.

Control Panel
External Bell Box
These parts are only covered by the manufacturer’s normal 12 month guarantee. They are not covered by my personal, extended 6 year guarantee. Should these parts need to be replaced after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty period, they will need to be paid for.

I should point out that it is both your interest and mine that I should only recommend, supply and fit the equipment which I consider to be the best quality. I have been maintaining intruder alarms for some of my customers for over 20 years without needing to replace the equipment I originally fitted.

In the event that these parts ever do need to be replaced, I will – of course – discuss the replacement with you and agree a price before taking any action.

Deliberate Or Accidental Damage
Accidental or deliberate damage to your intruder alarm system – whether by you or by a third party – is not covered by my annual service contract. Obviously, I cannot be held liable for the actions of others.

Examples of the damage that can be caused to your intruder alarm system might be door contacts which are destroyed by your carpet fitter or other sensors damaged whilst redocorating your house.

I cannot be held responsible for acts of vandalism which damage or destroy your intruder alarm system and such acts are also not covered under my annual service contract.

In these instances, for customers who have signed up for my annual service contract and who need me to make good the damage done by others, I will charge as follows:

Emergency Call-Out Fee 50% of my current usual charge
Replacement Sensors £55 plus VAT per sensor