Emergency Call-Out Fee

If you are covered by my annual service contract, you never pay an emergency call out fee – it’s all included in the service. If you do not have the peace of mind afforded by an annual service contract, my call-out fees are described below.

Unlike many security companies, I do not charge by the hour for an emergency call-out. Whether it takes me ten minutes to sort you out or three hours, the price to you is the same.

If you call me out between 09:00 and 17:59, you will be charged £55 plus VAT. Outside those hours and all day Saturday and Sunday, you will be charged £75 plus VAT.

£30 (inc. VAT) Emergency Call Out Fee Reduction

If you call me out for an emergency and decide that you would like to sign up for my annual service contract then, provided you sign up and pay there and then, I’ll reduce your emergencyc call-out fee by £30 inclusive of VAT.

See the table below for costs.

Your service contract will run for 12 months from the day after you call me out. All terms and conditions will be as per my usual service contract.

Emergency Fee / Annual Service Package
Fitting & Maintaining Intruder Alarms In Manchester and Cheshire for 25 years
Call-Out Time  Call-Out Fee  Reduction  Annual Service Charge  Payable Immediately 
(Mon – Fri)
£55 (£30) £45 £70
(Mon – Fri)
£75 (£30) £45 £95
All Day
£75 (£30) £45 £95
All Day
£75 (£30) £45 £95
VAT will be added to all the above prices. The current VAT rate is 20.00%.